From the desk of Congressman Ted Lieu:

The Air Force is looking for ideas from startups and small businesses to help solve defense issues through its first Air Force Pitch Day event, awarding up to $40M in same-day, one-page contracts. This is a great opportunity to grow a business, strengthen our local economy, and help further the defense of our nation. This event is modeled after commercial investment pitch competitions and will offer new fast-track opportunities for startups and small businesses to work with the Air Force.

 The deadline to submit proposals and pitch decks is February 6, 2019 (8:00 pm ET).

Eligibility Requirements:

All startups and small businesses that are:

  • U.S. based for-profit Business
  • More than 50% owned by U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens
  • No more than 500 employees
  • Additional requirements apply

How to Submit:

  • Companies will have from January 8 to February 6, 2019 (8:00 pm ET) to submit proposals and pitch decks.
  • Companies submit applications via
  • Air Force will notify selected companies for in-person pitches by February 15, 2019.

Technology Interest Areas (Broad; interest not necessarily limited to these topics):

  • Communication Networks to include: Data links; data capture/analytics employing Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning
  • Digital Technologies to include: Secure Cloud operations; Open-Source software trust/resiliency; resilient Position/Navigation/Timing sources for control and network operations; automated software/cyber testing for Developmental Ops (DevOps) and Cloud environments; tools for re-engineering and/or re-hosting legacy systems; automating cyber security compliance and processes;
  • Battlefield Operations/Family of Systems: Weather sensors; Android applications/plug-ins that support special warfare mission sets; first-person manual view drones


For general questions related to the event please contact


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