The Chamber of Commerce conducted an extensive search looking for a leader who was familiar with Pacific Palisades and also had business experience as either a proprietor or high-level manager.  It found exactly what was needed with a long-time Chamber member.  Bob Benton, former owner of Benton’s Sports Shop, will step in as President of the Chamber of Commerce effective September 1, 2018.

“I am delighted to have Bob as our new President of the Chamber of Commerce,” said Susan Payne, Chair of the Board of Directors.  “Bob’s knowledge of the business environment and his dedication to the Palisades will be a big asset as we refocus the Chamber’s purpose toward being in business for business.”

“The Chamber of Commerce is heading in a new direction and I’m looking forward to actively promoting a successful business atmosphere here in the Palisades,” said Bob Benton, the newly hired President of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce.  “We have a lot to offer businesses and membership in our Chamber is a great way to promote and grow the economic well-being of the Pacific Palisades business community.”

Benton is a Palisadian with over 35 years experience running his own business right here in the village.  He has run the youth baseball program, the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association, for over 30 years and is a long-time member of the Park Advisory Board (PAB.)  As a business owner and member of the Chamber of Commerce he led the Board of Directors through 2 terms as President, a position which has since been renamed to Chair.  Bob and his wife Sue Kohl reside in Pacific Palisades.  They have 8 grown children and two dogs.

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