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A Palisades tradition, the Miss Palisades (since 1959) and Mr. Palisades (since 1990) Teen Contest has been held to select a young woman and a young man to represent teens in our community. We are looking for Leaders. Creators. Artists. Inventors. Volunteers. We are out to find the best and brightest. Mr. & Miss Palisades is designed to motivate our teens, recognize the role they play in our society, promote unity in our community, assist in gaining self confidence, and provide an unforgettable experience of being part of this memorable event. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain! At the fun and entertaining event, contestants will introduce themselves, answer a few questions and perform a “talent.”

Special note about Talent: Don’t have a “typical” talent like singing or piano? No worries! Show a video of your sports achievements, show off your DJ skills, do a martial arts demonstration, tell jokes, do silly pet tricks with your dog – the idea is to have fun. We can help you fine-tune your “talent.”

Mr. and Miss Palisades will each be awarded a $1,000 cash prize, a year of free food at Palisades Garden Café.

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Questions? Please contact the Palisadian-Post via email at info@palipost.com or by phone at (310) 454-1321.

2 Responses to Palisades Teen Talent Contest Tradition Continues in 2018!
  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your approach to supporting a healthy outlook on food and body image, and it sounds like you”re all doing great! So I hesitate to chime in with some conflicting data, because I don”t want it to seem critical of either of you. But I think your daughter may not have all of the information she needs. Teens are still growing and very importantly their brains are still developing. So they need a lot of glucose, which is the body”s main fuel and is critically important for developing brains. Our bodies get glucose from carbohydrates, and athletic teens need up to 70% of their calories to come from carbs. Teens also need more daily calories than at any other time in their lives. So the problem with paleo for a teen (especially a teen athlete) isn”t that carbs from vegetables, whole fruits, and dairy aren”t perfectly fine, it”s that those foods are so filling that it”s hard to eat enough of them. (This is why paleo can be a great choice for adults who are done growing and need fewer carbs and calories overall.) So, if she finds that her energy levels start to flag and she starts feeling a little less mentally sharp, she should not be afraid of adding some complex carbs back into her diet.

  2. Thanks for asking us!


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